Our Services

Research & Development
We attach great importance to innovative capabilities and flexibility. In compliance with your equirements we mix according to your formulations, modify existing formulations or design new ones.

Legal Requirements
All products meet the necessary safety regulations and are manufactured in compliance with the EU and GMP Directives.
Our services include the supply of quality certificates and certificates of free sale. We also provide our customers from abroad with the necessary import documents.

The products are manufactured in several mixing plants.


In the plants 50 kg up to 1600 kg per batch can be produced. Our new mixing equipment meets the demand of the newest technology.


Filling & Packaging
Our filling machines are designed for filling liquid to pasty products into tubes of 15 ml to 400 ml content and into jars of 35 ml to 1000 ml content. We are pleased to agree on special sizes or any other customer requirements.


With the new labeling and filling machine for tubes, which was bought in 2008, up to 15.000 tubes per shift can be filled. Because of the labeling equipment it is possible to label customised plastic tubes so that also small lot sizes are realisable.


Products are packed in folding boxes by a cartoner which is adapted to all filling quantities.

Quality Control
The quality inspections are carried out in our in-house laboratory. The relevant services we offer are listed below:

  • Raw material and packaging material analyses
  • Density and viscosity measurements
  • pH value measurements
  • Microbiology
Required microbiological examinations are carried out fast and reliably by an external neutral institute.

If required we organise the transport to the desired destination. If you export your products please tell us. We support you in processing the customs and declaration of the goods.